Project: Kite & Key
Agency: me

If Ben Franklin was alive today, this would be the mark for his exclusive line of designer glasses and aftershave.

Project: Future Friends
Agency: Commonwealth

Illustration and "Movie Poster" layout based on Chevy's Volt Anthem spot. Thanks to Linus Karlsson and Larry Frey for the idea and direction.

Project: Somerset Holiday Book
Agency: Hour Media

A few spread details that I art directed and designed for the Somerset Holiday Annual.

Project: A Sonic for Ryan
Agency: Commonwealth

Busted out this illustration for the guy that used to sit across from me.

Project: The Golden Gate Ambassador
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners

An illustrated collage of the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco) and the Ambassador Bridge (Detroit) — mirroring both of GS&P's one-time office locations. It was used for Twitter, Youtube, and something called Facebook.
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